Bill always wanted to be a Tattooist ,since he was a little kid. Bill got his start in 1975 in Amsterdam, Tattoo Peter helped him a lot although he did not tattoo in his shop as many people think. Bill's first work in a real shop was with Jack Armstrong in Columbus Georgia USA in 1977, from there he went to Connecticut where Bill helped to get tattooing re-legalized.

Bill worked with Papillon tattoo in Hartford and New Haven for a couple of years then started his own shop in Deep River Connecticut called The Fine Line, and was there almost 25 years. Bill sold it to Mark Roberts around 2003 and went to California where he worked in Chico at Sacred Art and Gearhead.

Bill had the oppurtunity to work with many good artists there like Zeke Owen, Dave Gibson and Sleepy G. Bill has been in Holland now at Tattoo Peter for about 3 years and he plans to stay there untill he drops dead. Bill had the oppurtunity to befriend Paul Rogers and his knowledge of machines was learned from him and passed onto Emille (Emillion).